About us:

    We are a group of combat flight simulation enthusiasts, especially DCS World.  With the recent release of the F-14 and F-18, we chose to stand up a simulated carrier wing to allow people of like minds to join us in flying mock carrier ops.

   LIVERY – We are basing our virtual wing paint on compare-able paint schemes of any time from the squadrons that are in the wing.  Our squadrons’ commanders will have discretion in on paint schemes of their aircraft.  We did choose squadrons that were historically in CVW-14 at any point in the past.  But as we have to nail down a reference assignment for some paint schemes, we are aiming for a CVW-14(NK) assignment to CVN-62(USS Independence).  This is a time when CVW-14 was actually on CVN-62 and our F14’s squadrons were assigned to it.  The F18 squadrons came later in the timeline of CVW-14 but make a nice compliment. 

   EVENTS – Most of the week is open training and recruiting time for the near future, while 2 nights a week we will run events.  Some may consist of formal training but most of them will be special mission running.  1 will be with the squadrons, and 1 will be the Wing, or as much as possible.

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