Monthly Bulletin – Mar 2019.

While we have been an unofficial participant in the Virtual Naval Air Operations(VNAO) organization for some time now, we have been working with MadMax for a number of months on passing a rigorous training and flight participation schedule, we have been officially accepted into the VNAO organization.

We launched our first dedicated game server, with the capabilities of running more if the need arises.  This will probably be explored as new maps get released and/or new missions present themselves.  As of now, it is stable and also hosts it’s own SRS Server for in-came communications.

These are very exciting times in DCS – The F-14B Launches on the 13th and as such we will be standing up the Red Rippers.  Those interested in joining, please speak to your flight leads and/or CAG – Lobo.   Some flight roster will be following in the eagles as some slots get vacated there – More to come on those changes next month.


That is all for now.

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