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Well, this is happening.  We decided to launch cvw-14 because we love carrier operations but have trouble with working in the EST in DCS.  We find quite a few EST players but not too many carrier squadrons in the time zone.  Coupled with that, we find very good pilots that either aren’t educated or practiced at solid carrier operations.  We are not, by any means, experts, but do want to raise the standard of the carrier operations in the community.  We love the the US Navy Fighters and want to see them used more.  We hope to create a fun and challenging mission base and run some dynamic campaigns against AI teams and later Player teams of we can get the logistics figured out.

The Website is a little thread-bare at the moment due to the rush to get something up before we got too much into the site as the squadrons may change.  We have, put the claim in on the squadrons but have yet to receive confirmation of squadrons.  Our Squadron selection was based on a combination of available squadrons coupled with squadrons that were historically in CVW-14.  Ironically, our favorites were mostly taken but we are happy with our selections if they prove available and look forward to getting them through workup and operational.

If anyone is interested in learning more, please visit our facebook page or discord as linked in the recruiting page of the site.

Until next time.  Out.

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